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IntaCapital Swiss SA


geneve, Rue du Rhône 80 - 84, CH - 1204 Genève, Switzerland

IntaCapital Swiss SA and
HKM( Handels Kredite Montenegro) part of Quantum Equity Holdings Luxemburg frauded with 450.000 EUR!
Our company has fallen victim to their schemes, having transferred the sum of 450,000.00 EUR for the financing of our business plan focused on rental camper activities. However, instead of facilitating legitimate financial support, IntaCapital Swiss SA, in collaboration with the Montenegro-based entity HKM (Handels Kredite Montenegro) doo part of QUANTUM EQUITY HOLDINGS Luxemburg, engaged in a series of fraudulent maneuvers.
People involved:
HKM’s Reid Carson, Adrianna Rusevska
IntaCapital Swiss SA – Paul Robbins, Ashley Langley, Scarlett Groom
BEWARE OF THEIR DECEITFUL TACTICS! Upon receiving full payment, including booking fees, security deposits, and extension fees, IntaCapital Swiss SA promptly demands the Recipient Bank to issue A DECLARATION FOR THE RETURN OF THE BANK GUARANTEE, even in the event of the company's bankruptcy or liens upon of BG (THAT THEY PLEDGE). This demand, which becomes actually a "COUNTER-GUARANTEE," is IMPOSSIBLE in banking practices. Subsequently, the Provider transmits the "Notice of Default (Breach Notice)" to seize all funds paid, citing contractual clauses that were undisclosed prior to payment (“pursuant to Contract”; as they like to say).
It is imperative to note that these fraudulent tactics are not new to IntaCapital, previously implicated in similar activities at GARISSON SECURITIES SA. Now under the guise of IntaCapital Swiss SA, they continue to perpetrate such frauds, orchestrated by key individuals including Paul Robbins, Ashley Langley and Scarlett Groom.
EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION when dealing with these individuals posing as investment bankers. They STEAL MILLIONS OF EUROS under the pretext of contractual breaches, shifting blame onto clients for their inability to fulfill UNDISCLOSED OBLIGATIONS.
Meetings and contract signings often take place in London, specifically at Banking Hall: Banking Hall, 1 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND, United Kingdom.
Furthermore, be vigilant against their attempts to manipulate public perception through FAKE GOOGLE REVIEWS, a practice that we have evidence of (multiple screenshots). We have evident of hundreds of 5-star reviews that suddenly disappeared!


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