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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/19/2021
  • Severity: 1

Robert Bator

Cheater Liar Thief

New York City, New York

A good friend and co-worker of mine just got dumped by this married boyfriend and he cheated on her with someone else he works with!!

He is in the jewelry business for T's in NYC and he is a bald and a fat liar. He and his co workers got in trouble at work for selling jewelry on the side and he plan to get my friend fired that involves him making it look like she was misplacing items or paperwork that was wrong so they couldn't finish an important orders.

I know she is hurt and angry and he will regret this if she does it. But right now I have tried everything I know to convince her it’s a good idea to tell someone, but she thinks he has an answer for everything. "How could he get caught and what would the punishment really be for him"? Maybe I can use that to convince her. I think she went to HR. She wont talk about it so maybe someone knows?

He is married and talks about how his wife isn't very good in bed. He is a predator and be careful if you see your cell phone caller id come up as a Robert Liquid run..

Only after he was getting in trouble she found out this RB already was sleeping with someone else in another department. She told me he borrowed $1,000.00 from her to buy something and only says he will pay it later. That was months ago.

Karma is coming RB!!


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