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Teresa Violet Arasheben

Harassment & Defamation

Northridge, California

Teresa Violet Arasheben, who also goes by
Tressa Arasheben
Terry Smith
Terry Arasheben
Terry Raven
has been writing posts about me incessantly all over the internet since February 2020. This website is one of her favorites, as well as complaints board.
Here are the posts that Teresa has posted about me (so far, I'm sure there will be new ones now) JUST on this website:
Teresa has done this to MANY people. She does not stop. She will continue to do this until someone takes legal action against her. I have been reaching out to lawyers but it is very difficult to find a lawyer in the middle of a global pandemic who will take on an internet defamation and libel case when I am in Kansas and she's in California.
So, the only other choice that I have until I can take legal action is to use my right to defend myself and to speak my truth publicly. Teresa has never once been able to show any evidence, court documents, case numbers, news articles, or any valid evidence against me proving the things that she's claiming me to be. Because they do not exist. I am not a child predator, drug addict, child sex trafficker, animal abuser, alcoholic, or anything that she claims me to be. I am not a sociopath or a psychopath. I am not this evil person she claims I am. I have a right to defend myself. I don't care what she says about me or how she tries to manipulate the situation into making me look bad. I know that Teresa is in the wrong. I have directly spoken to people who Teresa has done this to. Who Teresa has attempted to ruin their lives. Who Teresa has been doing this to for years while releasing their private information all over the internet, regardless of any negative consequences that she may face.
It's not okay and Teresa can only do this for so long before somebody takes legal action against her. I hope that the "somebody" who gets to do that is me.
I hope that someday I can stand before a judge, jury, and God next to Teresa Violet Arasheben and see her attempt to wiggle herself out of this when she is confronted by everything she's said and done to me. You cannot go around defaming people's names and attempting to destroy their character, life, and attempt to put them in harm's way by releasing their private address and then expect not to have legal consequences and be held accountable for what you said. I hope you are prepared with evidence. I hope Teresa knows that this website, along with everywhere else she posts about me, can be subpoenaed to prove who actually posted this.
She claims that you should
"Throw their actions back in their laps & let them ( Attempt to) clean the mess they" ve made." so that's exactly what I am doing here, Teresa.
I feel almost sorry for you because you have to have a lot of hatred in your heart in order to do this kind of horrific stuff to people. I will pray for you to find inner peace because you really must be hurting in order to do this to so many people.
This is the only time I will post something like this on this disgusting website. I deserve to defend my name. I can post all of the links of the scam posts that she's done on other people on this website that I am aware of if necessary. I want to show people who this woman REALLY is. Not the woman she so desperately is trying to fool herself and everyone else that she is.
I hope that this clears things up.

Teresa said this in one of the video descriptions she posted on a fake account,
"In such cases, just ignoring does Not work. Such a Psychopath then goes with the momentum & takes even more advantage of the situation.
In such cases, know and do the following:
1). Psychopaths are masochists AND sadists. They hate themselves & everyone else.
Therefore: You must use the Mirroring Technique. Throw their actions right back at them.
2). Narcissistic Sociopath' s WORST fear is Exposure of the Ugly Truth of what they really are. Exposure lessens their ability to manipulate others.
Thus, you must EXPOSE them publicly & largely."

So, Teresa, I am taking your advice. Here is the UGLY TRUTH and here I am mirroring your actions.

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Harassment & Defamation Harassment & Defamation Harassment & Defamation Harassment & Defamation


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Who Scammed You Commenter
Here are all of the posts that she's written about me on Complaints Board
Who Scammed You Commenter
I have also found posts about me on reviewtalk (I was able to get them to take that down,) USAcomplaints (I was able to get the website to take it down as well.) YSCAM, NoScam, OutScam, The 4Chan Guy, and I am sure that there are other places that I have not found yet. She has made 2 fake tiktok accounts to post videos about me as well. The first one was @exposingaholes but I was able to get the account terminated. She created a second one recently called @tittatdidthat and it's still not taken down, even though she's harassed me on there and posted my address, which is directly against their terms of service. There are currently 10 videos on there of me right now. Teresa has also posted about me on multiple accounts on YouTube. She has many different fake accounts that she uses, but she's posted about me on the following accounts:
Michael Brennan
Lisa Keller
peter saroff
Terry Arasheben
Tressa Arasheben (she actually privated those videos on her account)
Davina Smith (I was able to get this account terminated)
mark massey

That isn't even all of the accounts that she has on YouTube that are fake either. She'll claim I have made "thousands" of fake accounts to subscribe to my channel, but that's clearly not true. Teresa makes it very clear that they're fake since the accounts commenting on her channel are the same accounts that are uploading the videos about me and commenting on my channel and commenting about me on her channels. It's not her "friends" it's very evident that it is her.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Current videos that Teresa has posted about me that aren't taken down yet:

Go ahead and watch them. Go ahead and research my name on google. The only thing that you will find is things that Teresa has posted about me. I am not anything that she says I am. I am a 23 year old woman who is a case manager. I have never been in any legal trouble. I do not have any children yet. I have never charged with any crimes. I am a law abiding citizen. Teresa is not:
Who Scammed You Commenter
Here's the other links to things that Teresa has put online about me.

No Scam:


The 4 Chan Guy:


I have absolutely NOTHING to hide. So READ it all. See how SIMILAR it is all written, the dates they were written, and the verbiage that it was written under. It is very clear that all of these posts were written by ONE person. Teresa Arasheben.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Teresa just couldn't help but write 5 more posts about me as shown here:
Who Scammed You Commenter
Teresa Violet Arasheben has posted 7 more posts about me on 9/3/2020:
Who Scammed You Commenter
Teresa Arasheben has posted most posts about me:


Who Scammed You Commenter
Teresa Violet Arasheben of Northridge, California posted this on 9/11/2020 pretending to be "Dave Sederman"

and this one on 9/12/2020 being anonymous:

She also has threatened me now in a comment section stating this,
"Tori Anne Rouse: Here lays Tori Rouse:
She was a coward, a Liar, A keyboard warrior, a LOSER.
May she never rest in peace."

Under this post in the comment section:
Who Scammed You Commenter
and here we go again on 9/13/2020 today Teresa Violet Arasheben posted this:

She claims my husband and I have been evicted from several places in Fort Worth and in Kansas. I have never once been evicted in my entire life nor have I ever lived in Texas. I've been in Wichita for 2 years come December and have been at the same apartment complex since we moved here in Dec 2018 for my internship. The only reason we are moving is because Teresa released my private legal address all over the internet. Last year, we signed a 10 month lease upon the renewal of our rental agreement at our current place since it was the same price as 12 month one, but that rental agreement came up and we signed a 60 day notice and Teresa is upset that I am moving and she will not ever know my legal private address again and can't dox me anymore and upset that I know her legal address and mailing address because they're public record.

Teresa Violet Arasheben will continue to keep this up and I'll continue to post every single post she writes about me under here to show how deranged she is.

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