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  • Submitted: 06/29/2020
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Ousvaldo Lerma B And D Security

SCAM "Security" Company, Scamming Owner

Bellflower, California

Do NOT purchase any type of residential or business security from this FILTHY SCAMMER, OUSVALDO LERMA.
Ousvaldo Lerma is the SCAMMING, con artist thief owner of B And D Security, located in Bellflower, California.
The license number is ACO 6425.
B And D Security, Inc. is owned by a creepy child molester known as Ousvaldo Lerma.
Ousvaldo Lerma is the thieving owner of this ratty little business in Bellflower, California known as B And D Security, Inc.
B And D Security, Inc. has been and is the subject of a federal investigation and is being sued by several private parties.
B And D Security, Inc. owned by Ousvaldo Lerma (Also known as "Oz") operates ILLEGALY.
This shytty little sleazy business is sub-contracted by Brinks (Which, in the last few years has gone way down the drain and is now known as the most sub-par of all alarm and security companies, which is why it now dispatches hood rats like B And d Security, Inc. to install cheap, low quality cameras that never work).
B And D Security, Inc. and Ousvaldo Lerma operate illegaly in the following ways:
1). B And D Security sends out ex con criminals aka telemarketers to go door to door and knock on peoples' doors with some phony sales spiel about how they'll "pay off their current bill" with whatever security company they're with, if they switch over to Brinks and B And D Security, Inc.
2). Then, if the unsuspecting person falls for this load of pure B.S. LIES, then B And D Security, Inc. will collect a payment and then send out some incompetent installers (Also former criminals) to the person's home to install used, barely-functioning cameras and other equipment, that, in the long run, will never work.
3). B And D Security, Inc. then fails to actually obtain an alarm permit for the person's property.
Yes, it is required that all alarm businesses must obtain an alarm permit for every property that it instals security at.
However, B And D Security, Inc. and owner Ousvaldo Lerma never do so, as required by law.
This means that, eventually when Brinks calls in a FALSE alarm (And it WILL happen. Just read all the horrific reviews on Yelp), the property owner will be stuck with a huge False Alarm violation bill and many other legal problems.
And B And D Security, Inc. will NOT pay that bill.
By the time you contact them, they will be dodging your calls and trying to cancel you.
And then you'll be left with the additional nightmare of dealing with Brinks. And Brinks is just as impossible and unprofessional as B And D Security, Inc.
And don't even think of talking to "Oz" Ousvaldo Lerma, because he dodges calls and responsibilities while he's busy playing with very young, little boys behind the closed door of his office in the sleazy little hood building in Bellflower, California.
If you need security, contact a reputable company such as Vivint, ADT, and any other REAL company.
But stay far far away from Ousvaldo Lerma and B And D Security, Inc.
Just look this sleazy business up on yelp and on the official BSIS site.
You'll see the warnings and the probation notices of this business.


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