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  • Submitted: 04/11/2019
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Christina Lyster


Montreal, QC

This woman preys on men that are actually in a relationship or married! By making them loving her, and have an affair with her.

Her favourite phrase knowing that she is wrong by doing that, is... they are consent adults,and cheat on their wives. She claims to have a lot of health issues...she asks you to be empathetic,and caring with her, Just trust her...once you find out what kind of a person the female is, and once you start to wise up, and discover what type of a person she is, she will get you into a lot of trouble. Like bullying on you online, leave cut up pictures behind your door,send her family to break in to your property unannounced while she is on Vacation.

will insult you, and she will tell the next person that she was the one cheated on, will harass you with multiple menacing phone calls none stop!!! And menacing voice mails...Will send you also harassing e-mails telling you to man up, and insulting you by telling you that you are a coward by not answering the calls...and the most important thing she will hack your e-mail to delete the proof of what she has said to you. You’re going to have to change your e mail address, and your phone number! And probably have to move to a different address,
And you will...unfortunately have to contact the cops to put a stop to the situation as well.

She prefers to victimize on men that are foreigners because they are more vunerable and easy to manipulate, and to fall on her lying tactics, and easy to intimidate, she uses different dating websites such as Plenty of fish,Lava life, to prey on more men.

She also lies at her work place, by stealing money from the cash register when it doesn’t balance. Steals products from behind the counter, and give it for free to the people she knows. Sells expired products that are not supposed to be sold to the public,but she sells them anyways, and doesn’t charge tax so that doesn’t get registered in the inventory, and she does all this to make extra cash in her pocket. She will lie to anyone. Have sex during working hours in the bathroom, she doesn’t even get a long with her colleague...that’s why she had to work separately and different alternate shifts. Trash talk her colleague behind her back, and making fun of her colleague’s privet relationships. The woman is an abuser on her relationships watch out.

She owns virtually nothing..only a room at her parents home, she claims she was cheated on
When the person cheating in previous relationships was her...behind her exes wife’s backs!! Don’t let her crocodiles tears melt you! Stay away from this individual or you might have to get the cops involved putting a restraining order against her!!!!!!!! RUN RUN RUN away from her!!!!!!!! The woman doesn’t take a no for an answer until you get enough, and as I mentioned before the only way to stop her is making a police report against her, and a restraining order. I advise are better than this, for all the men out there you don’t deserve to go through a fiasco like this with this woman. The woman is a tough sentence for anyone.

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