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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/29/2018
  • Severity: 9


Pic Used for Dating Scam

Texas, Texas

This picture was used to convince me that I found my match. He loved me, called me his queen. Said he is an oil rigger from Texas and worked so hard his company limited him going home. Was told he had a son. Now I know that was to tap into my sympathy & make me feel a connection to the fake him as a family man. He was loving & supportive. Sent me things. Helped me through a rough time to build my trust.
I believed this was a real person who loved me & helped "him" with many financial challenges. I ended up losing 10's of thousands of dollars. Heart is broken & Im in debt. How can people be so cruel. I realize all the red flags I ignored. For example, we would video call but he would never show his face claiming it was against company rules. I know now how foolish that is. I discovered the pictures I believed belong to Williams were stolen from Facebook posts.

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Pic Used for Dating Scam


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