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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/28/2018
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Rebel Press,, Ken Dunn

Rebel Press &

Austin, Texas

WARNING to all Writers and Readers alike:
REBEL PRESS is a "re-branding" of, Readers' Legacy, and Next Century Publishing in an attempt to separate themselves from their ugly reputation. This is the worst pseudo-self-publishing company one could associate with, a company incapable of delivering even the most basic services.
The work performed was nothing near what was specified in their contract. Their services were not worth a dime, I was charged $10,000+. They use their authors to promote their business, not the other way around. You are paying them to use and abuse you, this is the way their "business model" functions.
I consider it my civic duty to bring this to the attention of all. These companies listed above pay to have negative reviews removed from sites such as Google and the majority of positive reviews are fabricated. Hence, sites such as this one are required to expose the truth and facts.
I hope that others will come forth and share their experiences to further corroborate these companies' unforgivable and unethical practices. I urge all affected by these companies to unite in a class action lawsuit.
Let me share some facts of my two years' experience with these SCAM ARTISTS :
1. Within the first couple weeks, my book consultant and project manager left and were replaced. This repetitively happened at least four times in the first few months. Obviously, there are severe problems within this company's hierarchy and employees leave frequently. It is like starting over every couple of weeks.
2. The Vice President of the company personally negotiated my contract, line by line, with promises of trust, honesty, and transparency. He left the company shortly after my contract was signed. I was not informed of this fact until three months' of unanswered phone calls and emails to him concerning the severe deficiencies and several major breaches of contract terms and his personal assurances.
3. A $3500 extra was charged for a copy and line edit (even several of their employees commented that the price was extremely high) that was promised in four weeks' time to meet a deadline. It took four months, while their Chief Editor used excuses of "management moving corporate offices to Austin, Texas from Las Vegas." His excuse had no relevance to their inability to meet deadlines. Clients and most employees/subcontractors were never told this "move" was even taking place. Apparently, there are a lot of shady background reasons for this business relocation. None of them are good.
4. Specified in the contract, forty influencer copies were to be sent out. They immediately verbally dropped the number to twenty-five, but even so, none were ever delivered to influencers. Subcontracted publicists had done all the work but the company never delivered a single copy. Management blamed the subcontractor, using this as the excuse to hundreds of their clients.
5. Three video trailers were in the contract. No work was ever done on any of them in over two years' time frame. Why? When people don't get paid, work does not get done.
6. Marketing was not of the caliber promised, from my experience it was a complete flop and an all-out lie. Their "market reach" is enormously inflated and exaggerated, to say the least. A thousand spam emails sent out do not constitute "reaching half a million genre-specific readers."
7. A minimum of five social site accounts were to be created by this "publishing company" and used for marketing content (once again, specified in contract). They only posted marketing content on two of my existing accounts and both quantity and quality did not meet contractual obligations. Excuses were made nearly every week to postpone the "official book release," which never happened in two years' time. Had I known that was the only website they intended to use, I would have NEVER entered into a contract with a company run by individuals so deeply rooted in lies and deceit.
8. Marketing was supposed to be timed with the official book release for maximum exposure. This did not happen, there was never any "official launch," negating any impact of any of their claimed marketing potential.
9. Management flamboyantly claims to have invested over $8 million in, a trivial blunder website. This site is pathetic, designed to scam the unknowing, unexperienced, and under-educated. Being a member of this website or having an account on is considered by everyone to be an international disgrace and embarrassment. The patrons to this website are the naive and blind followers who perpetuate this farce and allow the abuses to continue on others.
10. Inter-departmental communications don't happen in this company. Nobody is on the same page, at least that is the way they play it. This is to be expected from a company that only exists virtually on the internet. The people who run this company are at best, a complete JOKE.
I could continue here at length, but I feel that my shortened list of experiences should be enough to inform people that this company is neither competent nor productive.
There are hundreds of us who have been scammed by these companies run by facade-based people. We urge everyone to participate in an INTERNATIONAL BOYCOTT of all services, materials, and authors using Rebel Press, Goread,com, Next Century Publishing, Readers' Legacy, etc.
We also shun any companies or persons associating with these companies, especially Ken Dunn and Ron Laravie. These parasitical and manipulative frauds
must be put out of business permanently. These two individuals believe that by threatening lawsuits on their subcontractors, employees, and clients, they can avoid civil lawsuits and criminal prosecution.
We would hope that authorities in Austin,Texas, the State of Texas, and the Federal Government see fit to initiate investigative action in the best interests of the people and legitimate businesses in general.


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I can’t believe that in this day and time a company can continue to stay in business by changing their name and moving around. This is completely unacceptable and shouldn’t be allowed to happen considering that they scam and rip people off of their hard earned money. I’m hoping that all those effected will unite and bring a lawsuit to this company and put an end to this business once and for all!!!

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