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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 10/24/2018
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Darren Ambler

Darren Ambler- Cheater- Liar- Sociopath-STD Carrier- Cherry Hill- New Jersey/BEWARE:

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

DARREN AMBLER is a Lying, Con-Man, Scum who is addicted to SEX. He is a Pathological Liar and Extremely Self-centered and Narcissistic. Darren Ambler lives in his own world of insane Fantasy and Immorality. He appears to live by his own rules and Convoluted logic. Darren will scam- lie and sweet talk you right into his Filthy dirty bed if you permit it. He has scammed so many date sights on line with vicious lies and intimidation but all he wants is dirty SEX. Believe me - Darren looks much better fully clothed: In general- Darren is enough to make any female with normal vision terribly ill.
Darren stalked me on-line back in 2016. He began showing up at my place demanding sex and other filthy vulgar acts that only a sleazy Hooker would agree to. I was vulnerable at that time in my life but this selfish- Homely -Con Man took full advantage of me. Many times Darren was abusive, foul mouthed and forced sick and vulgar oral sex practices upon me. This guy was sick and obsessive with a great deal more problems.
I found out later Darren Ambler NEVER had any girlfriends except for his now ex-wife which I understand why. On a scale of 1 thru 10 - Darren ranks a minus (-) 50. He is Homely- Bad Body- Horrible in bed and his Breath would make you vomit and then some. Bad hygiene and shabby dresser. No wonder his wife left- how could anyone stand an UGLY- Mentally deranged Sex addict with bad breath. No one could.
Darren Ambler was so insecure and had low self esteem. This is why he attempted to control women through SEX. He was trying to feel like a real MAN. Which he better keep trying because he failed at trying to exert his "MANHOOD". He used me and abused me- demanded sex up to 6 nights per week. He was a drug addict turned sex addict. Serious emotional problems and addiction issues present. Darren always made it a point that we had to keep our secret sex meetings a SECRET. I was being used by an UGLY- SICK- INSECURE CREEP who looked like Freddy Frog with Glasses.
Darren is a busted balloon in the bedroom. He has virtually no wee wee. needs magnification after you finally locate it. Darren is a zero- no enduring or attractive traits. Even looking at his face and body and made me violently ill. That Homely face and lack of personality would make anyone lack self-worth.
Darren stalked me like prey and he has stalked many women on the Internet. Darren lied to me all the time and cheated with a variety of "Prostitutes" and several females with questionable morals. Darren was so desperate he forced a 69 year old lady into a sex relationship. Darren is 41 years old- why is he screwing an old lady? Because he is deranged and sex starved. He must feed the addiction to achieve normalcy. Although nothing about this DORK is NORMAL.
Darren is a filthy immoral PIG that stalks won like prey and then baits them by forcing them into some very bad SEX. Darren Ambler is GROSS in every possible way. Due to his lies and multiple sex practices that Jerk gave me STD's. I have been ill for many months because of that "Four eyed Over Sex Freak of Nature"! he should be locked up. Darren is a menace to society. I have taken various medications for many months to no avail. Made slight progress with a Sulfa drug but the infection returned. Darren in my opinion is an "Male Hooker" - an UGLY and Deranged one at that.
LADIES BEWARE- use caution if you use dating sites. Darren will sleep with anyone whom says YES. darren has to take what he gets- "Beggers can't be choosers". Call POLICE if Darren Ambler stalks or solicits you for SEX. He looks like an 130 scarecrow. No muscle tome and just skin and bones- sunken in chest and A freak. He has few masculine traits and has a rather weak and high pitched voice.
DARREN AMBLER resides at 12 WESTBURY DRIVE in Cherry Hill- New Jersey. He is employed by Medco- Express RX as a Pharmacist. Yes Darren is a bad human being, he would use and hurt anyone for his own benefit or gain. He has no Morality- self-respect- Dignity or Conscience. Do not become involved with a mad man. He will NEVER take accountability for any wrong doing. That is all Darren Ambler does is WRONG: This guy has odd sex fetishes and he acts as if he is not in his right frame of mind all of the time- SCARY:

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Darren Ambler- Cheater- Liar- Sociopath-STD Carrier- Cherry Hill- New Jersey/BEWARE:


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sounds a like u have a 2 much of time on ur hands. ur a cunt for exposing yourself to the world. douche your snatch ugly cunt. use milk for douche

equals sour pussy

Such filthy language left here by poster Brianna. This is site to expose and let the world know about scams- scammers and Immoral predators like this Daren Ambler person. We don't need defenders of sexual predators with unusually severe mental disorders. We all have a free will. When we make up our mind to act a certain way which is wrong then don't go crying when you get found out and exposed for the scum that you really are. I guess i am used to a darling husband and children and a family with high moral standing as opposed to obvious Trash. In spite of what this low-life thinks most respectable persons have no time for a scum like him. It is sad this jerk probably has not one decent person in his life that could be why he has no clue what "Normal" is. I did read the post carefully. Yes I must be honest and say sadly this man does lack "good looks" but it appears he lacks other things more important such as respectability, conscience, moral ground and compassion for others. There is much more to life than seeing who you can recruit into your bed for God knows what behavior? My husband and I are so non-selfish. This guy seems so self centered and in his own Domain. Like he created a false or fantasy land that just he and his bed partners live in. You can not acquire Morality- Class- Breeding or respect. You either have it or you don't. From what i see here this guy is the lowest of the low. I can't see anyone with one ounce of respect or decency even speaking to this piece of Trash.

can't they put this bum away for his behavior. I watched 20/20 it was about this Playboy that made a career out of sleeping with who ever he could get. He lied and schemed like this guy and he ended up in jail. If he gave an infection or whatever to more than one women than that can be criminal. But you have to speak up.

Why don't you find out who else he forced into bed and you can all get together and contact one of those news organizations and publicize your story. That will certainly get his attention. He needs to answer for his lies and immorality from a higher authority. Make sure you have all medical records updated.

If this playboy wants to attract women like a normal person- see what i said "Normal" which he certainly is not. He should go to the web site "rent a guy". If he pays this agency they will take a picture of one of their handsome men. He should tell the agency that he wants a photo of an 6ft male about 30 years old, black wavy hair , blue or hazel eyes , sexy muscular build and a good head on his shoulders. Sounds good to me - maybe i want to meet him.

They will take the photo after this guy pays them and then he can post it on the on-line dating sites. Guarantee if he uses someone else's photo he will get dates galore. No point in this jerk torturing himsef ny more by posting his photos. He probably scared most away. Plus he is embarrassing himself.

I would not worry about this playboy taking advantage of a nice "Lady". Any nice decent, moral lady with any sense would never be bothered with this loser. You reap what you sew- if you are a scum than what you attract. The only women who would have any interest in this degenerate would be someone either (crazy) deranged like him or some one so desperate shes willing to lower herself to the lowest level just to have a man. If that is what you call this guy (a man):
  • Zappy
  • Submitted: 10/30/2018
Lets see... Megan Christine Benztley- Angela Parsons/ and the other low life hookers! So what does that make Darren Ambler. Not a very nice guy. A selfish- liar- drug abuser- sex addicted UGLY creep who is obsessed with sex and pornography. Darren is equal to a male HOOKER! A Homely one at that.

Love xxxx000000

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