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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/31/2018
  • Severity: 10

Jeanne Cloos

Work at Home

Ft. Collins, Colorado

We did some work for this lady who owns Tree Cycled Art. Jeanne is a nice gal but unfortunately, she does not pay her help. Her story was that she had funding of $10,000.00 We completed the projects of 7600 pieces and said she would pay us when she got paid from the college that she had set up shop in. Then her excuse was the college was not paying her and that our quality of work was not satisfactory. This issue of quality of work which was the staining on the outside of the sticker on the wood. We told her she had to finish the outside stain on the wood, that way it would be the way she wanted. We redid the pieces she complained about and left them for her to do the edging. She agreed. Thus she said we were doing great work. Next excuse was that she had a lawsuit against the college for nonpayment. We later found out that she was paid by the college for her sales. Last contact, she wanted another invoice so she could make payments. It was verbally agreed on that she would make payments herself if she did not get paid from the college. She has her invoices and we have yet to see one check or certified cashier check for payment. Project was completed September 30th 2017. She also threw in other small orders for Tourist Park, a Train place that sold her Souvenirs and Zoo place that sold her Souvenirs on top of the 7200 pieces we did for the college she was selling too. Stating she would give us some money for our time from those sales. Again, we have not seen a dime for our work. Every time we talked to her, she had a different story of why she could not pay us. She is into us for $10,300.00 which she does have the invoices for each pickup order she picked up. and a final invoice. She is not well organized as her office is out of her car. (that should have been my first clue) BEWARE this a person wanting to hire you and pay cash for your work. Unfortunately she has a good sales talk but that is just it, all talk. She spent her backing monies on Displays, wood, and pay up her popup store in Denver. Again,we have not received a dime for our time. Granted we are out just our time and $250.00 supplies. Don't get caught up in her little Work at Home Cottage program. As to date we have not seen a dime. Your better off working for a local store that pays you than this gal. Granted there are some Work at Home Cottages out there that pay you for your work. Just keep in mind if you do any work for this outfit, request half down and half upon completion of your work. Apparently that is what I should have done. Chalk it up to lesson learned.


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